Fast fashion is dead

Countless people, both in Europe and in Africa benefit when you buy second hand.

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# Fast fashion is dead

Yep you read it.

If the 2010s represent the rise of wear-then-thrash-it, the 2020s will be the years where the very fact that your jean is a pre-owned piece will make you feel more à la mode. My friend, the numbers are piling up and the closer you look, the more you see. It is predicted that by 2025 the secondhand clothing sales will hit $77 billion in the US alone. Not only buying secondhand clothing helps save money, 67% of buyers surveyed by Yougov say so, but also your piece is more likely to be of great quality since it has survived one or many owners.

And if that’s not enough, 40% of secondhand bargain hunters do it to support charities. And a trend we are seeing with our Change Warriors at Nucha is that the charity part is more important for parents than for other users. Now you must be thinking : well, we all want to do something good every now then.Right? Not so fast amigo.
There is real money to be made for some who take secondhand very,very seriously. The likes of Patagonia and H&M allow their customers to show up and dump their used clothes. Just like that. Then they sort them, repair them, clean them and… sell them…again.

Did you know that The North Face and a very well known designer brand are testing the marketplace waters?

We are really happy to see all these names joining the secondhand clothing party. It’s good for the consumer, for the planet and well those old school FUBU jackets are just irresistible. How can anyone throw them away? Countless people, both in Europe and in Africa benefit when you buy second hand. By buying that item of clothing you’ve just prevented it from either going to landfill here or in a country like Ghana which is choking rightnow with all these unwanted clothes coming from Europe. Once there, they have a serious impact on the environment as they are literally imported pollution and they kill local business too.

While we are here to plant our flag and carve out a piece of land in the sustainable country, we’re also here to remind you that you can make every sale count double. Because when you buy secondhand you can always count on us to plug a good cause in too.

Photo by Bianca from Pexels