Recession and Charities

According to a CAF report, 53% of UK charities have experienced a drop in donations during COVID period

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Recession can make fundraising tasks difficult with increasing pressure on the core service of charity, especially those dealing with homelessness, food poverty, or domestic violence. Is it all doom and glow, in any case?

# People and Donation

There would inevitably be a drop-in donation during the recession as people prioritise their needs. According to a report from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), the total value of donations in the UK fell by11% between 2006/07 and 2007/08 as fewer people gave to charity and in smaller amounts.

# Donation in Coronavirus

There has been a staggering decrease in donations, especially during the period of the first lockdown. According to a CAF report, 53% of UK charities have experienced a drop in donations during this period. This was not simply due to economic recession but also the impossibility of holding in-person funding events.

# We are raising donations in recession

Regardless of who gives what and which causes, it’s vital to adapt your fundraising strategy during a recession. The main things to remember are:

Digital transformation: Digital fundraising is the new norm. It is the most critical investment a charity can make. Online donation and contactless payment can help a lot, along with social media and digital marketing.

Never change the message - Charity must be true to itself, which should be reflected in the message they promote. Having a clear and robust message will help in maximising the chance of donation helping the relevant cause.

Know your audience: It may be tempting to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, but it’s much more effective to target specific demographics. Create a ‘donor persona’ and tailor your fundraising efforts to them.

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